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FREE to enter endurance special event on Assetto Corsa!

Read the rules section to understand how to register and participate in this race.

Submerse yourself into the world of endurance racing

Where strategy, dealing with traffic, and driving fast yet consistently is key. Special events are free to enter and enjoy for you and your friends! 


Your team can choose from 8 GT3 cars and 4 DPi cars. We recommend DPi cars only for experienced sim racers because their speed can be compared to LMP2 cars and they don’t have ABS which makes braking very hard in the bumpy Sebring.

GT3 cars are easier to set up and usually provide closer racing. We have added 2 new GT3 cars: BMW M6 GT3 and Aston Martin Vantage GT3.

All DPi cars have updated BoP for this track.


The driver who wants to participate with the GT3 class car needs to complete 20 VALID laps with the GT3 class car in the EVENT’S free practice server, to be able to register for the event until the end of the registration.

The driver who wants to participate with the DPi class car must have a rating of at least 1300 and complete 40 VALID laps with the DPi car in the EVENT’S free practice server, to be able to register for the event until the end of the registration.

If you drive clean laps in the practice you will complete the required valid laps requirements faster and also learn how to properly drive in endurance races, where consistent and clean laps are more important than overall pace.


Sebring is a historic race being held from 1952 on Sebring International Raceway. The track is very old school: narrow, strange inconsistent cambers and of course the bumpy airbase section. Yes, this track is made on and next to a WW2 airfield. The last and first sections of the race track have a surface like no other - concrete blocks. It’s not uncommon for cars to jump to the outside over the bumps in the corners.

GT3 cars will cope with bumps better than DPi, because DPi cars have to run much stiffer springs due to large aero load. Having a good spring and damper setup is very important to have a safe and stable car to race for 24h on this surface.


You can prepare for this special event easily using free practice servers that are running 24/7 before the race on WSS. You can join the event and start practicing with one click of the button and WSS will sort out all the mods and BoP.


For special events on Assetto Corsa, it’s enough to have one WSS account per team to participate in the race. IT IS NOT mandatory to have at least 2 drivers in a team!

All the teams in the race will have to make 10 (ten) Long Pitstop, which will take 3 minutes. This is done not to give any advantage to the single-driver teams. However, you still need to represent a team to participate in this event, even if you will race using one account. Find a team or create a team here.


It is also possible for a team to race that's made up of 2 to 5 different WSS accounts. You will need to make a minimum 10 (ten) Long Pitstop during which you will do the driver swap. You need to join or create a team to race with your team members. Maximum 5 (Five) drivers in one team are allowed. 

How to perform driver swap?


There will be a mandatory briefing for all the drivers participating in Sebring 24H. All drivers must attend the briefing because we will provide all the necessary information on how to race in this special event. After the briefing, there will be a Q&A session that is not mandatory. Briefing starts 1h before the server starts and will take approximately 30 minutes. 

The briefing will be on the World Sim Series Discord special events channel


There will be a live broadcast with commentary of Division 1 on WSS Social Media: FB, Youtube, Twitch, and other media channels. The stream link will be announced on our social media a day before the event. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notifications about our live streams.


  • Assetto Corsa Ultimate edition;
  • Content Manager;
  • Shaders patch activated (How to activate) latest v0.1.75 (recommended), but no older than v0.1.62: 
  • Enabled real Penalty APP:

The "Real penalty app" will be downloaded automatically by joining the event using WSS app.

CONTENT MANAGER USERS must download Real penalty app manually and enable it.

How to participate?

How to perform driver swap?

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