Esport rules and regulations 

These esports regulations are created according to FIA Touring Car Sporting and worldwide sim racing series and leagues regulations.

Account identification

To participate in official WSS system events all participants and officials must hold a valid WSS system account using their real name and surname. You can register here.

General Rules

  1. Drivers have to be registered in the WSS system using their real name and surname.
  2. Drivers must have a stable internet connection. Maintain a ping no higher than 150ms (as viewed on the race server). Drivers that are above 150 may be kicked from the server.
  3. We do not recommend using these types of connections: WIFI/3G/4G/GSM. It may cause extremely high ping and lag.
  4. Visual, audio game patches and plug-ins are allowed as long as they do not affect the functions of the simulation and create an unfair advantage or affect other drivers. Cheating will result in permanent ban.
  5. The organisers of events reserve the rights to change the rules and conditions valid in their organized events.


  1. A qualifying session will be used to determine the starting grid for the race 
  2. Respect all drivers in qualification. Let other drivers through on their flying laps if you are not in one yourself.


Races are not won on the first lap. There is a higher probability of ruining another driver’s race by taking unnecessary risks. 


  1. The passing driver is responsible for making a safe pass at a safe time. It is the responsibility of both drivers to make sure that a safe pass is made. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.
  2. Entering a turn, the passing driver must at least get their front wheels even with the rear wheels of the car they are passing before the point of turn-in, to have earned the right to a racing lane. At this point the driver being passed is responsible to leave a lane open.
  3. Bump-passing is not allowed and may be subject to penalty unless the offending driver gives back the pass, even if it occurred accidentally. Bump-passing is defined as the passing driver nudging the car ahead to make it unstable, then passing it while the passed driver is recovering control.
  4. Blocking is not allowed for any reason. Blocking is defined as altering the race line more than once in reaction to another driver in an attempt to prevent a pass. Blocking will be penalized.


1 The one-move rule

When one driver is completely ahead of another on a straight, they are allowed to make only one move in one direction. This move can be of any size, within the track limits, and the move can be made as slowly or as quickly as the driver likes.

More than one change of direction on a straight is called weaving and is NOT permitted. 

2 Racing alongside another car

If two cars have any parts alongside one another, each driver must respect the space occupied by the other car. It does not matter who is ahead, not how far they are ahead, they may not initiate a move into the other car. Both drivers have the right to continue driving in a straight line unimpeded.

3 Entering the braking zone

On a straight, a defending driver has the right to suddenly change direction, even using the entire track width if they are fully ahead of the attacking driver. Sudden changes of direction just before or within the braking zone are not permitted 

4 Brake testing is not permitted

Brake-testing (i.e., braking hard earlier than normal to cause the driver behind to take evasive action or crash) is also highly dangerous and frowned upon, but not explicitly mentioned in the FIA sporting regulations.


  1. Incident – contact with other driver or track boundaries.
  2. Incident points are calculated depending on crash impact speed ranging 1-2-4 for single contact. Maximum incidents per race – 12.
  3. Driver who collects 12 incidents in a race will be automatically banned from particular server.
  4. Every session incidents counts individually.
  5. Incidents after the finish doesn’t effect your result, but do effect driver incidents statistic.

Conscious contact

Intentional conscious contact with another car will be penalized.


  1. If a driver spins while on track, they should immediately lock their brakes until completely stopped, (even if still on the track), and hold brakes on until they can assess the situation (waiting for a clear track to resume). When a driver doesn’t lock his brakes, the car is prone to spin or roll in a far more unpredictable fashion and cause a further incident. A driver involved in an incident while spinning on track and not locking their brakes completely will be held responsible for that incident.
  2. Drivers who are off-track and cars which have spun on the track itself must resume the race in a safe manner. This may mean driving forwards and/or reversing to a safe area to first get turned in the direction of travel, then merging safely into the flow of traffic away from the racing line.
  3. If for any reason a car becomes permanently disabled, either in pitlane, on track, or in a run-off area, the driver should get back to pits manually. A parked car will cause a yellow flag in that area for the remainder of the race.

Flag rules

  1. Drivers that are being lapped must help the passing driver make a complete and safe pass within 4 corners maximum.
  2. If a blue flag driver is able to pull away from the blue flag condition, they may continue. However, if the blue flag condition occurs again, they must give way within 4 corners.
  3. Drivers being lapped must maintain their current and predictable racing line. Any incidents that occur due to unexpectedly changing their line will be penalized.
  4. Drivers are not allowed to create yellow flags zones by staying stationary on track, or by creating a dangerous environment for other drivers.
  5. Drivers are to be careful under local yellow flag. Be prepared for slow, damaged or not moving car(s) on track. 

Headlight and horn usage

Drivers are allowed to flash their headlights – but it must be appropriate. Flashing is not required, and should not be overused.

Pit stop

  1. Drivers cannot cross the white line entering the pits.
  2. If race pit stop is required, minimum fuel add is 1 liter or tyre change.
  3. Drivers cannot cross the white line exiting the pits.

Track usage

  1. Drivers must keep a minimum of 2 wheels inside the solid white lines on the race track at all times. Tracks will determine track cuts.
  2. Drivers are allowed to go off more than 2 wheels to avoid an accident or to avoid another car. Drivers are not allowed to go off improving their lap time. 
  3. If drivers cut the track or go 4 off, they will need to slow down and give back the time gained or make a penalty which should occur on the top of the screen. If the penalty will not be done until the end of the lap driver will be disqualified.

Rating system WSS system counts every official event driver rating safety incidents.


Rating system applies only to official WSS events. Community events don’t have any impact on rating and drivers profile.
WSS uses a sophisticated calculation system to define the rating of each driver – customised ELO rating system. By default new account rating is 1000. If you win against a higher rating driver you will get more rating points than winning against lower rating driver. In a race you basically win against everyone who is behind you and lose against everyone in front of you.

Series points

Points will be awarded at the end of every official race, you will accumulate points towards the drivers depending on your finishing position in each race. If the series round has more races, system picks your best 4 races result into overall series standings. If the sum of participants points at the end of the series is the same, the overall standings are evaluated according to wins, podiums and finishes.



If there are more drivers than grid slots, the drivers are split into divisions according to their rating. Every division’s rating evaluation is individual.

Division series points. Division 1 gets the same points as the official series point table. Lower division winner gets 5 points less than higher division winner (e.g. winner of 2nd division gets 20 points)

Driver report

1 hour after the finish line, every driver has a right to report one driver for braking the rules maliciously. Correctly filled reports will be reviewed by competent judges. Fines are given to the offenders if their fault is proved: warning / account suspension for 3/7/30 days / permanent ban.

Karma points

If you are positively impressed or disappointed by other driver’s behaviour, after every race finish you have 10 min right to vote for the actual driver by Like / Dislike buttons. Every driver profile collects ”Karma points”. Negative karma points profiles will be reviewed.


  1. Drivers are allowed to use in-car text chat during Practice, Warm-up, post-Qualifying, and post-Race.
  2. Trash talking and berating other drivers for any reason will not be tolerated and may lead to penalty.

Driver responsibility

  1. Drivers are responsible for following all rules as specified in this document.
  2. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated in any way.
  3. Failure to report a bug/glitch/game issue that gives you an unfair advantage can result in ban



Who owns the racing line?

Attacker (right) more than half-way alongside

In this case, the attacker (right) is definitely more than halfway past the defender at the apex. The attacker has the right to the racing line. A collision at the apex is entirely the fault of the defender (left).

B. Attacker (right) less than half-way alongside

In this case, the attacker (right) has only their front alongside the defender’s rear wheel. The defender has the right to the racing line. A collision at the apex is entirely the fault of the attacker.

C. Attacker (right) approximately half-way alongside

In this case, the attacker’s front axle is ahead of the defender’s rear axle and the two cars are approximately halfway alongside. Both drivers have a reasonable claim to the apex. If contact occurs, blame will have to be shared. It is in this zone that racing incidents can occur. 

C. Side by side

If the drivers enter the corner side by side, they must respect and leave enough space for inside and outside racing line until the exit point

Blind spots

Every car has got blind spots. Often, nearby cars are simply not visible to you.

To prevent racers from blind spots failures and incidents we do recommend download and install Helicorsa app.

What is this app?
Just a little radar of an aerial perspective, so you can see what’s going on around your car:


We do recommend use Crew Chief app. It is a spotter app that simulates a race engineer. It tells you about cars around you, lap times, incidents around, temperature changes and many more. It is also perfect company while racing!