12H of SPA

Finished Dec 9th 2023 07:27


on Assetto Corsa Competizione


  • AM racing license or higher is required.
  • There is a time requirement to classify. Each driver must set a faster time in this event's free practice sessions:
  • GT3 2:22.000
  • GT4 2:36.000
  • For future Special Events, the minimum racing license for the GT3 class will be PRO-AM.
  • Race on one rig with a single WSS account. However, you need to represent a team to register.
  • It is possible for a team to race that's made up of 2-5 different WSS accounts.
  • How to perform driver swap?
  • Please read the rules and regulations here

Live stewarding

  • There will be live race control during qualifying and the race. Drivers can get penalties to serve during the race or be disqualified in the worst case.


  • You need to register as a team even if you are the only member of that team.
  • You can create your own team or see the recruiting teams list here.
  • Registration during the last week will be paid.


  • Choose between GT3 and GT4 class cars
  • BoP for GT3 class was updated, and credits go to LFM.
  • Alpine GT4 is the only GT4 with BoP (+10kg).
  • BoP might be adjusted no later than 2 weeks before the race starts to ensure close competition.


  • You can join the free practice server via WSS.
  • When you are signed in, simply click FREE PRACTICE, choose your car, and click CONNECT. Then you will see 3 steps on how to join the server through Assetto Corsa Competizione and the server name.
  • Free practice server is 24/7.


  • There will be a mandatory briefing for all the drivers participating in 12H of Spa starting 1h before the event starts.
  • All drivers must attend the briefing because we will provide all the necessary information on how to race in this special event.
  • The briefing will be on the World Sim Series Discord #wss-briefing channel.


  • There will be a live broadcast with commentary of Division 1 on WSS Social Media: FB, Youtube, Twitch, and other media channels.
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notifications about our live streams.


  • We will reward every driver in the team of each class podium in all divisions with:
  • 1st place - 3 months WSS Premium subscription
  • 2nd place - 2 months WSS Premium subscription
  • 3rd place - 1 month WSS Premium subscription


  • The official communication and updates will be in the Discord #announcements channel
  • The minimum driver count in one team is set to 1
  • The maximum driver count in one team is set to 5
  • Pit lane speed. Don’t forget to reduce speed before entering the pit lane! ACC will give a penalty for speeding in pits. Also same when exiting the pit lane - if you are using an automatic pit limiter it might cut a bit too early and you will get a penalty. We recommend accelerating only after driving over the exit line even with an automatic pit limiter. ACC will give a penalty for speeding in pits and a DSQ for severe violations!
  • The weather will be dynamic and the parameters may be adjusted up until the race day. 
  • Racing incidents should be reported using the ‘Report Driver’ system inside the event results page. All reports will be reviewed by race control after the race and time penalties will be added to the total time for the team that will break the rules.
  • Steam Account. Make sure to use the same Steam account for registering and driving during the event - your steam ID is captured when you register and a server slot will be reserved for that specific Steam account.
  • The Primary Driver must connect to the server first. Otherwise, you may be stuck in spectator mode. How to perform driver swap?
  • Custom car liveries can be uploaded by premium users, see documentation here.
  • By default, custom liveries are not installed for participants to prevent game freezes and performance issues.
  • However, if you have no problem with that and would still like to see all custom liveries, you need to enable this
  • In your WSS settings (User menu > Settings > Game Content > Install ACC Liveries)
  • Make sure you follow maximum driver stint time. See rules section 2.12.7 and 2.12.8.

Find here for more information about Endurance racing on ACC