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Get ready for the ultimate racing challenge at the Nurburgring 12H Special Event on Assetto Corsa! 

Join the most unique and insane event on the WSS Special Events calendar, featuring the legendary Nordschleife circuit combined with GP layout, creating a total of 25.4 km of high-octane action. This endurance race will test your skills, strategy, and ability to deal with traffic on the longest and most demanding circuit in the world. Whether you're a professional or a beginner, don't miss out on this free-to-enter Special Event!

Challenge yourself and experience the thrill of endurance racing on the iconic "Green Hell"!


  • Free registration until February 29th.
  • AM or higher WSS racing license for GT4 class.
  • PRO-AM or higher WSS racing license for GT3 class.
  • 10 valid laps in the event's free practice required to classify for GT4 class and 10 laps for GT3 class.
  • Can race from the same rig (WSS account).
  • Teams of 1-5 drivers.
  • Divisions are ordered by the team's average fastest lap time in free practice.
  • There will be live race control in div1.
  • There will be live broadcast of div1 and div2.
  • Rolling startHow to do a rolling start?

Live race control

There will be live race control in Division 1 during the qualifying and the race to issue penalties during the race if necessary for contacts, dangerous driving, and connection issues.


There will be a live broadcast with commentary of Division 1 on WSS Social Media: FB, Youtube, Twitch, and other media channels. The stream link will be announced on our social media a day before the event. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notifications about our live streams. Division 2 will broadcast will be without commentary.


You will be racing on the Nordschleife - Endurance layout. It combines the legendary Nordschleife circuit with a new GP layout for a total of 25.4 km! Track knowledge is essential to drive fast here. Nordschleife section aka the Green Hell was built all the way back in 1947. A narrow track winds through a dense forest just meters away from the track with fast blind corners. Get it right and it's bliss, get it wrong and you're in a barrier. The new GP circuit section provides much more opportunities for overtakes and is much safer.


Just like in real-life Nurburgring 12h races, we want that all levels of drivers could participate and have a great experience from professionals to beginners. To make the competition safer and more enjoyable we limited who can drive what car. 

You can choose from 2 car classes 8 GT3 cars or 2 GT4 cars.

  • The GT3 class is very fast and tricky to control in Nordschleife.
  • Meanwhile, GT4 is a slower, easier car to handle and just as fun. Maserati doesn't have ABS or TC but takes bumps very well. Porsche has ABS and TC but can be twitchy over bumps. GT4 also have a mostly fixed setup. You can adjust fuel, brake bias, TC, front anti-roll bar.


We want to ensure that only the most dedicated and skillful teams take to the start line, which is why there are two classification requirements:

  • Racing License. AM for GT4. PRO-AM for GT3.
  • Minimum valid practice laps. 10 for GT4. 10 for GT3.

Just like in some real-life racing series in Nordschleife, there are valid practice laps requirement for all drivers to classify and be able to enter the race. The valid laps don't need to be set one after the other. Set the laps and train in our continuously running free practice sessions. If you drive somewhere else your valid laps won't count!

More about the WSS Racing License here.


Divisions will be ordered by the fastest lap from the free practice session. More specifically by an average of the fastest laps set by the team. So if you want to race in the first division which will have live race control and live broadcast make sure you and your teammates put in a good lap in the free practice session of this event. You can see in which division you are currently if you have a Premium subscription. The final grid slots and division count will be clear after the registration confirmation has ended.


It’s enough to have one WSS account per team to participate in the race. IT IS NOT mandatory to have at least 2 drivers in a team anymore!

All the teams in the race will have to make 5 (five) Long Pitstops, which will take 3 minutes each. It doesn’t matter if you do a driver swap during the Long Pitstop or not. However, you need to represent a team to participate in this event, even if you will race using one account. Find a team or create a team.


It is also possible for a team to race from different WSS accounts. You will need to make a minimum (five) Long Pitstops or do the driver swaps. To race with your team members you need to join or create a team. A maximum of 5 drivers in one team are allowed. 

How to perform driver swap?


There will be a mandatory briefing for all the drivers participating in NURBURGRING 12H. All drivers must attend the briefing because we will provide all the necessary information on how to race in NURBURGRING 12H. After the briefing, there will be a Q&A session that is not mandatory. Briefing starts 1h before the server starts and will take approximately 15 minutes. 

The briefing will be on the World Sim Series WSS-briefing channel.

Get ready

Push your skills and determination to the limit. The Nurburgring 12H on Assetto Corsa awaits you! Take the challenge, prove your racing prowess, and become a legend on the Green Hell! 


  • Assetto Corsa Ultimate edition;
  • Content Manager;
  • Shaders patch activated (How to activate) not older than v0.2.2;
  • Enabled real Penalty APP.

The "Real penalty app" will be downloaded automatically by joining the event using WSS app.

CONTENT MANAGER USERS must download Real penalty app manually and enable it.

How to participate?

How to perform driver swap?

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