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It's a real-life racing Baltic Touring Car Championship series that for several years already has gone to the virtual world! Now everyone can experience the close racing and action that this spec budget racing series always brings in the real world. 


  • Click the yellow button Join event.
  • Each round‘s entry fee is 5€ but free for WSS Premium members.
  • To enter the race event, drivers must participate in the pre-qualifying.
  • Pre-qualifying can be entered at any time before each racing event.
  • The time must be set before the start of each racing event.
  • Racing divisions will be ordered by the driver’s fastest lap time in the pre-qualifying.
  • Strive to be in division 1 because it provides more points, the race is broadcasted live, and you can win a real-life test session.
  • More info in the rules.

Racing license required

This championship requires a ROOKIE or higher WSS racing license. To get the ROOKIE license you need to:


There are a few things to do one time before you can enjoy Assetto Corsa to the fullest.

  • Download and install WSS app.
  • Download and install Content Manager. A must-have to enable all the moded features of Assetto Corsa.
  • Download and install Custom Shaders Patch (CSP). It can make Assetto Corsa look like a brand-new game. Also enables night races.
  • Download and install Real Penalty. It Improves the Assetto Corsa automatic penalty system.
  • Enable Real Penalty in Content Manager.
  • When you have all this done WSS app will take care of the car, track, and skin download and install when joining a server via WSS.
  • Read the rules so you race clean and get along with other drivers in the WSS community.


  • Each race event consists of practice, qualifying, race 1, and race 2.
  • Race 2 will have a top 10 reverse grid, meaning the driver who finished 1st in race 1, starts 10th in race 2 and so on.
  • Racing divisions will be set by the driver’s average 3 consecutive lap times in the pre-qualifying.


It’s a single-make championship with an updated BMW 325 CUP E90 BaTCC mod. The setups are fixed for the pre-qualifying and the race.  


  • 08.02.2024 Round 1, DeWALT Grand Prix, Bikernieki Ring of Speed
  • 22.02.2024 Round 2, Kaunas Grand Prix, Nemuno Ziedas Fast Lap (no chicane)
  • 07.03.2024 Round 3, Parnu Summer Race, Porsche Ring
  • 21.03.2024 Round 4, Poland, Tor Poznan


  • Prizes for the top 3 drivers in the overall standings: 
  • 1st - 100 EUR
  • 2nd - 60 EUR 
  • 3rd - 40 EUR 
  • The special prize - real-life test sessions with BMW 325 Cup car. A single random driver, who will use KTK Racing Division livery (skin) in Division 1 races, will be chosen and awarded a single racing test session of 30-40 km with BMW 325 CUP car with the KTK Racing Division. This only applies to drivers who have never had a racing license before. This random driver will be selected by KTK Racing Division team principal - Povilas Bonkevičius. You can choose this livery from the 'Default liveries' list named 'KTK_2024'.
  • The Prize money will be paid to the winner's bank account.


In pre-qualifying event and qualifying before the race, it is important to get your tires up to temperature and more importantly up to the optimal pressure. 

The optimal hot pressures for the tires are front 33 Psi and rear 34 Psi. The optimal tire core temperature is between 75°C and 95°C, you might struggle to reach optimal temperature, but above 60°C it is ok.

It takes 2-3 laps of tire warming for the tires to warm up, keep that in mind when you are calculating the fuel in the qualifying sessions.

Traction control is too aggressive in this car, so just leave it off and control your right foot.


Division 1 races will be streamed on World Sim Series and BaTCC social media channels.


Premium subscription drivers can upload a custom livery. Use KTK livery for a chance to win real life racing test. Download the skin template here. For more info about the liveries see the rules.


Please read the rules carefully to get more detailed information about the event. Make sure you won’t get penalties for your racecraft by reading the racing rules and racing accordingly in this championship.