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Our team here at World Sim Series has already hosted thousands of Assetto Corsa servers during it’s lifetime. We feel that this should be a more accessible, easy to use service for the wider audience. We know that hassle and pain to host one, when you don’t have the necessary experience.

If you decide to purchase our subscription, which you can cancel at any time, you will be able to host your server with 5 simple easy steps. You will be able to use our, already collected and installed features, tracks, cars, physics if you feel the need, or add your own mods.

The Only thing you need to do, click “Drive Now” in the right upper corner, buy the subscription for less than 10 € / month and in no time, race with you friends.

Assetto Corsa Server Hosting & Community Events

You can create your Assetto Corsa server without any additional tools or software on our platform. Additionally you can advance to the next level and use our advanced features:

  • Organise a championship
  • Earn money from your events – Become WSS Organiser
  • Upload custom skins for your players
  • Live Timings for current sessions
  • Safety ratings for clean racing and kick out for bad behaviour
  • Results Pages for all previous sessions, with the ability to apply penalties
  • Content Management – Upload tracks, weather and cars
  • Schedule events (with optional recurrence rules), with a built in calendar of events
  • Championship mode – configure multiple race events and keep track of driver points
  • Automatic event looping
  • Content Manager integration

Create your server Now!

Create your server for free

If you are not confident about our services, you can try out to create an event for free. It will just be limited to certain driver amount and features. If you are a small group of friends, that will still be perfectly enough for your evening race.

To host your server you will need to do these several steps:

Create your server Now!