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6 Hours of Spa

Posted 2 years ago

Introducing wss special events! For the first time in WSS, you can participate in an endurance race with your team with a driver change. 6 Hours of Spa special event will be on Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Submerse yourself into the world of endurance racing, where strategy, dealing with traffic, and driving fast yet consistently is key. Special events will be free to enter and enjoy for you and your friends! You can create your own team or search for teams here

There are 15 different GT3 cars to choose from. Setups are free to change and perfect for your driving style. A minimum of 2 drivers per team are required to participate, the maximum number of drivers is not limited, but we recommend no more than 4 per team.

There will be a live broadcast of the race on WSS Youtube and Facebook. You can also follow the results here.